My History

I grew up with little money. We live from pay check to pay check. It was hard but we made it happen. I have two brothers. They are both awesome. I am the youngest of the three and I was never bullied by anyone or even my brothers. They are both nice to me. They help me with my home works and also taught me everything I know.

My parents both work in a hotel. They clean rooms. I was never ashamed of their job because their job is what brings food to our table.

travel the world

travel the world

Since I was a kid, I want to go and travel the world. But we don’t have money when I was growing up. So, I vowed to myself that I will get a decent job and save some money to be able to travel the world. It was my dream. And I am very adamant that I will make it come true.

My eldest brother didn’t go to college because he helped me and my brother with ours. He always told us that we are the bright ones, so it is only right that the both of us go to college.

When my 2nd brother finished college, he is the one that supported my education and also helped our eldest brother with his studies. Then I graduated college and got a decent job in a travelling agency.

Now, the three of us finished our studies, got decent jobs and we travel at least twice a year with our parents.

I made this website to show how beautiful Italy is. This is my favorite place to travel to. It was beautiful and the people in there are approachable and also helpful. I want to encourage travelers like me and my brothers to travel to Italy and see the breathtaking architectures in this country.

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